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Unlimited Domain Aliasing
Want to assign each user of your app a unique subdomain? Want to use Email Yak with several different apps?
No problem! Just call the Register Domain API function for each domain or subdomain and you are up and running in no time!
Unlimited Mailboxes
Assign every user, discussion, or object in your app its own email address with a Register Address call.
Send an email using any address you like and we will automatically create a mailbox so you can start receiving replies right away!
Unlimited Storage
Pricing and planning is simple with unlimited storage for all emails and attachments.
No need to worry about how many emails actually fit inside of a gigabyte! Let us worry about that, you can just get started.
Push Notifications
Your app can get instant updates about emails sent to a single address or the whole domain.
Provide a public Callback URL and we will send your app info about all the new emails. Read more about Push Notifications.
No server setup, configuration, or scaling concerns! Start today! Email is easy now.
Our web-based sandbox lets you start sending & receiving test emails in less than a minute. Check out the Quick Start Guide.
Attachment Hosting
Every attachment received is given a URL that you can simply link to or use to transfer the file to your servers.
Sending attachments with your emails is easy and all file types are welcome. See how using the Send Email API call.
All modern programming languages support JSON input / output and it's a snap to work with the Email Yak API.
The API currently allows you to do all common email management tasks. Take a look at the Email Yak Documentation.
Security & Privacy
All API endpoints and attachments are protected using HTTPS. All data in / out is encrypted using SSL.
To protect your privacy, no humans will ever see any emails or attachments that passes through the system. See our Privacy Policy.

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