Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are wildcard subdomains supported?

    Yes! You can register as many subdomains as you need at no extra cost.

    After you setup your wildcard MX record, you simply make an API call to Register Domain for every subdomain you want to use. Then you Register Address to create as many mailboxes as you would like on the new subdomain.

    MX Record Settings
    Type: MX
    Name*: *
    Auxiliary Info: 10
    TTL: 500

    *Some DNS providers require there to be a period (".") at the end of the Name and Data fields.
    Example: "Name: *" and "Data:" Please consult the documentation for your specific DNS provider to be sure.

  2. Are Push Emails supported?

    Yes! Check out the Push Email documentation.

  3. What happens if my app is down during a Push Notification?

    No problem. The Push Notification will be retried every 5 mins for the next 120 hours! So don't worry about it.

    Or simply make a call to the Get New Email function and you can retrieve all new emails you missed.

  4. How long is an email stored?

    Each email is stored until you delete the email. You can delete emails by making a call to Delete Email.

  5. What about spam emails?

    All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned using Spam Assassin.   terms   privacy
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